Town of Dune Acres, Indiana

Security Office Phone (219) 787-8800
Town Clerk Phone (219) 787-1900

Other Commissions

Security OfficeThe Police Commissioner hires and supervises the Security Officers. In addition the Commissioner recommends security policy, implements and enforces Town Ordinances.  The Town Security office is located at 1450 N. Mineral Springs Road. We encourage all residents to become acquainted with our Security Officers.

Police Commissioner: Bill Griffin  

Security Office Phone: (219) 787-8800

The Fire Commissioner negotiates with neighboring towns for fire protection in Dune Acres, and coordinates activity between that fire department and the Town of Dune Acres. Currently, Dune Acres is served by the fire department of the Town of Porter. The Fire Commissioner also alerts residents to fire hazards (such as leaf burning, fireworks, etc.), Fire Prevention Week, fire prevention and safety (smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and changes of batteries), and other fire and safety information.

Fire Commissioner: Mark Bapst

All police and fire emergencies must be telephoned to 911. The Porter County Sheriff and/or the Town of Porter Police or Fire Department will respond. Subsequently, a second call should be made to the Security Office (219-787-8800) to notify them of the situation.

The Building Commissioner makes periodic inspections of buildings under construction or being remodeled. The Building Commissioner makes a final inspection and determines extra fees to be paid. He then recommends that the Secretary of the Plan Commission issue a “Use and Occupancy Permit."

Building Commissioner: Tom Roberts

The Road Commissioner plans and supervises paving maintenance, drainage and erosion repair, as well as snow removal and special road improvements. These activities are carried out by private contractors. Contracts for major repairs and resurfacing are awarded upon review of competitive bids.

Road Commissioner: David Kudurna

The Maintenance Commissioner is responsible for identifying routine and non-scheduled maintenance tasks for Town property, including parks and buildings, and addressing those tasks by assigning them to the Town's maintenance specialist or to outside contractors. Tasks assigned to the Town's maintenance specialist are coordinated with the Town Engineer. Maintenance Request forms are available at the Security Office and on the website, if downloaded from the website, forms will need to be completed in triplicate.  Residents who have requests for completion of work on town property or recommendations for improvements should complete and return the forms to the Security Office.  Request will be responded to as appropriate.  If the request or recommendation cannot be completed in a timely manner or not at all the person(s) making the request will be notified in writing.

Maintenance Commissioner: Dick Taylor

The Commission for Enforcement of Building Standards was established pursuant to the requirements of Indiana Code 36-7-9 to address problems that may result from vacant, deteriorated or unsafe buildings.

Commission Members: President of the Town Council, President of the Plan Commission, and the Town Building Commissioner; or their designees.