Town of Dune Acres, Indiana

Security Office Phone (219) 787-8800
Town Clerk Phone (219) 787-1900

Snow and Ice Event Protocol

The responsibility for keeping the community safe and our roads accessible during winter weather is shared by the Town and its residents. The Town works to maintain safe and accessible roads year round, but once snow falls, the community must work together.

When does the Town initiate snow/ice removal?

Dune Acres snow and ice removal is conducted by an outside contractor, as directed by Town officials. The Roads Commissioner has primary responsibility for monitoring street and weather conditions and initiating the snow removal process. In the event the Roads Commissioner is unavailable, the Security Commissioner, in coordination with security personnel, assumes this responsibility.

As a general guideline, the contractor is ‘called out’ for town-wide service when the following conditions are present:

  • Ice is present on all roads and the weather forecast predicts below-freezing temperatures for the next 24 hours.
  • Over two inches of snow has accumulated and the weather forecast predicts below-freezing temperatures for the next 48 hours.
  • Over four inches of snow has accumulated.
Callouts may also be initiated for specific road locations, depending on conditions present.

Accurate weather forecasting is imperative in deciding which of the various operations will be followed. During any snow or ice event, there may be extenuating circumstances which affect town road services. Ongoing heavy snow and blowing conditions are examples where the Town contractor may be unable to meet the demand of keeping roads adequately maintained. Residents are required to use caution during any such event.

It can be expected that snow will be plowed into driveways as a normal part of snow removal operations. Attempts will be made to keep excessive amounts from accumulating; however each driveway will receive a certain amount of snow.

Under no circumstances, may the Town contractor or a Town employee, using Town-owned equipment or vehicles, perform any snow removal or ice control operations on private property.

What are Resident Responsibilities?

Residents are asked not to blow or plow snow into streets that have already been plowed of snow.

Residents are asked to use extra caution when driving in snow or ice. Monitoring weather conditions and forecasts is recommended before leaving home. Decisions on travel plans should always consider the possibility of challenges traversing our Town’s steep hills and curves.