Town of Dune Acres, Indiana

Security Office Phone (219) 787-8800
Town Clerk Phone (219) 787-1900

Social Committee

The Dune Acres Social Committee was born in the 1950's to help acquaint Dune Acres residents with their neighbors and to enjoy a community atmosphere.  The Social Committee Chair sets up an annual calendar of social events for Town residents and their guests. The parties and events have always been a wonderful opportunity to begin, to renew, or to continue friendships with the residents of this unique community. Part of the tradition is for everyone to share the responsibility of putting on the events, and event chairs and their committees are appointed for each event. All resident are assigned to one of the event committees to help plan and set up the party or event. It's a wonderful way to be a part of Dune Acres.

Social Chair: Carolyn Mellen